Tips on how to improve bike photos

The following tips mostly apply if you're shooting a side profile for presentation purposes, focusing on the whole bike and its components,
rather than the scenery or artistic value. To highlight parts, accessories, and other features, feel free to experiment with various viewpoints and angles.

* Make sure the bike is upright (perpendicular to the ground) to avoid an odd-looking geometry. The easiest way to achieve this is to prop it against a wall, leaning on the end of the handlebar. In a no wall scene, keep the bike upright by placing a stick between the crankbolt and the ground at the right angle.
** Get someone to reach into the shot and hold the bike in position, then after countdown pull their hand away. For a moment the bike will be free-standing and you can snap some quick shots. Make sure the helping person catches the bike before hitting the ground, to avoid any damage.
*** Avoid direct and harsh sunlight as a sharp shadow can be a distraction. The soft light during a cloudy day, dusk, dawn or 'golden hour' can make a big difference.